Thursday, 8 December 2016

Sunnier Times OOTD ☀️

It's cold, wet and miserable and everyone is stuck in the library with end of term deadlines. So naturally when one is feeling a little down they reminisce on better times, so while flicking through photos from summer I stumbled across these which were taken on the bank holiday weekend at the end of summer. So here is a very off season outfit of the day!

You don't really get a much more me outfit than this.. 
The Topshop bretton t-shirt has been in my wardrobe for a solid 7 years at this point and still remains a favourite of mine. Stripes are totally timeless and classic, and something I love to wear as they are almost like a slightly more interesting neutral. The shorts again I've had for years, another classic piece that go with and make anything look good, the amount of times I've justified buying a top because, "it'll look great with denim shorts" is ridiculous and proof of my ability to convince myself I need a lot of things that I do not.  The hat and sandals were both new purchases this summer, I am obsessed with the colour of them (again, love an interesting neutral..) what's not in the photo is my matching fjallraven kanken which I also had with me. 

Top - Topshop 
Shorts - Levi/eBay (similar here)
Hat - Polo (Bangkok fake)

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016 ✨

The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion took place in Paris last night and it was as epic as ever.  The show has been a major event since 1995 when it started in New York and continues to be a highlight in the fashion calendar year after year. 

Just a quick post from me with a few of my favourite images from the show...

The first imagine single handedly inspired this post, I simply couldn't not give it the nod it deserves, like everything Victoria's Secret, the detail and intricacy is unrivalled. I was a big fan of the show this year especially the "The Road Ahead" section as I thought this was such a fun theme. Pom poms and bright colours, absolutely dreamy. 

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Lucy xx

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Carnaby Street #StreetStyle

I went shopping on Carnaby Street today and took my camera along to try and capture some the outfits of shoppers. Although going on a Tuesday morning was great for me shopping wise, as there is nothing worse than Oxford Street and surrounding areas on a Saturday it did mean footfall was limited.. so trying to find great outfits was not the easiest! I did however manage to find a few shoppers and here are my best dressed. 

Alexis, 19, Student 
This fluffy oversized coat is contrasted perfectly with super skinny jeans. She has kept it all black everything with patent Doc Martins and a 90's inspired black choker.

Max, 23, Shop Assistant (Adidas) 
This understated outfit takes two classic items, the Oxford shirt and light wash straight leg jeans and gives them an urban/modern twist by adding a snapback and Adidas gazelles. 

Alice, 20, Student
Mom jeans and a knitted cardigan paired with a simple silk black cami and cute ankle boots make this outfit laid back yet chic.  

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Back to Blogging

Ive essentially been crap at blogging this past year, I think I’ve managed about 3 the posts in the last 12 months which is a pretty poor effort considering I was on a gap year and had a lot of free time. I basically think that because I spent the majority of my year working almost full time, and revising for my retakes, I wasn’t feeling overly inspired fashion/blog wise and I didn't want to force writing something that I wasn’t happy with. 

I've had such an amazing/busy summer, after finishing my retakes in June I flew straight to Bangkok with my two best friends for 5 weeks of travelling in S.E.Asia, I got back end of July and continued to have the best summer including Notting Hill carnival and Lollapalooza festival in Berlin alongside seeing friends that had been at uni all year. 

I'm really keen to get back to blogging as I’ve just started a fashion marketing degree in Manchester so if that doesn't inspire me to get back to it nothing will. I'm hoping to keep my camera on me and get some street style posts done, as aside from London, Manchester is probably the most interesting city in the UK for fashion which was a massive part of why I wanted to study here. I'm also going to be using photoshop in my course a lot so hopefully the quality of the design/layout of posts will improve too. Alongside street style posts I also want to do more personal style/outfit posts, however this depends on if I can rope someone into taking the photos for me. 

Watching sunrise after the Full Moon party - Koh Phangan, Thailand 

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Lucy x 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Rachel Green - Style Inspiration

If you know me you know that 3 of my favourite things are Fashion, FRIENDS, and the 90s - all of which Jennifer Anniston encompasses as Rachel Green in the first few seasons of the show. I grew up watching FRIENDS as it was one of the only programs everyone in the house agreed on, it has definitely influenced my sense of humour and all though I didn't realise at the time it has influence my personal style too. 

I have collected together a few of my favourite looks/styles that 'Rachel Green' wore in the mid 90's that I have either been inspired by or just appreciate. 

Casual/Laid Back
Mens shirts and oversized sweatshirts is my idea of effortless cool. This is definitely the part of her style I relate with most as my personal style is generally very laid back and often takes influence from classic shapes and styles. 

Cute outfits including mini skirts cinched at the waist  
Some of Rachel's more 'put together' looks often included a mini skirt paired with a various styles of tops. Although a lot of time I just wear jeans if I do bother putting a proper outfit together it will usually include a mini skirt/dress.

Considering it was the 90s it's hardly surprising she wore a lot of denim, including a lot of denim vests which I'm not sure i'll be wearing anytime soon but looks great on her. Unfortunately I could never pull off dungarees like Rachel Green but my denim jacket does get chucked on with every other outfit.

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Sunday, 1 February 2015

- Columbia Road Flower Market -

Jeans - Topshop Leigh
Boots - Timberland (via eBay) 
Coat - M&S (mums) 
Scarf - Monki
Gloves - Jack Wills

Today I went to Judy's Vintage Fair in Bethnal Green, I went desperately needing a new coat and, unlike most shopping trips, actually came away with the thing I needed and for £25 which is amazing. After the fair my sister and I headed over to Columbia Road to go to the flower market that is held there every Sunday. It was my first trip to Columbia Road and I actually loved it so much, aside from the flower market the road is lined with to coolest little shops so i'll defiantly be visiting again. 

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

SAG Awards & Golden Globes Best Dressed

If I'm honest my next post was going to be a review of the Body Shop advent calendar, however  considering it's basically February, I think it is officially too late (just quickly though - I highly recommend it or any 'beauty' advent calendar. It is like getting a proper gift everyday, which is amazing?).

So I am very pleased to say that awards season is officially under way, which I love because it means lots of red carpets and therefore lots of designer gowns to judge and/or pine after. I have to be honest, so far 2015 red carpet fashion has come up a little short, and all I've decided is that I'm expecting lots of metallics if current trends continue. I have, however, managed to muddle together a 'top 3' looks from the SAGs/Globes that I genuinely loved...

NO.3 - Dakota Johnson in Chanel Couture 

My 3rd favourite look is Dakota Johnson wearing this metallic Chanel Couture gown. It does seem fitting to wear silver considering she is the lead in '50 shades of grey' which I have to be honest, looks epic. The styling is pretty perfect here, the shoes and clutch match perfectly so as to keep the whole look seamless and the relaxed wavy hair is an ideal contrast to a potentially harsh looking dress. It's not hard to believe this is Chanel as one thing I've decided about Chanel is that it screams quality and if the intricacy and tailoring of the this dress don't say quality I don't know what does. Lastly the make up is flawless and the slightly muted red lip is stunning. 

NO.2 - Felicity Jones in Balenciaga  
NO.1 Chrissy Teigen in Zuhair Murad

Much like Dakota, Felicity Jones is in the perfect dress for the occasion as she was nominated for her role in 'The Theory of Everything' (which I highly recommend if you haven't seen it). I love this matte Balenciaga dress, it is just so understated and quietly stunning. I am not obsessed with the styling, I think the hair being off the shoulders is a good shout so as to appreciate the neckline of the dress however I think I would have liked slightly more done with it. Possibly down but styled so that it fell behind the shoulders and then not bothering with the earnings which i wouldn't miss overly.

It was quite hard to pick my favourite of the 3 but I think the thing that did it for Chrissy Teigen is the fact that although she is just there as a guest and some arm candy for husband, John Legend she just looks phenomenal at every award show and the Globes was no exception. You simply can't ignore the pure intricacy and skill involved in a dress like this and Zuhair Marad does it better than anyone. The crisp off whites against her tanned skin really makes the dress pop and I wouldn't changing the styling of the hair or accessories except maybe the ring on her clutch hand, her rock of an engagement ring is plenty! 

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